29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company
29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company

Uniform and Equipment for new members.

Starting this hobby can be very daunting if you have not done anything like this before. There are many easy mistakes to make and these mistakes can be expensive. If you are interested in joining C Company then this page will hopefully lead you in the right direction when it comes to what kit to buy and where to get it as well as easy mistakes to avoid.


If you are interested in joining the group you must follow the groups rules regarding authentic hair cuts and uniform standards.


The most important thing to remember is that if you are ever unsure of anything please dont hesitate to ask one of our NCO's who have vast amounts of knowlage on everything from uniforms to equipment.


Another very important thing to bare in mind is that reproduction kit is convenient but in most cases of extreamly low quality and in some cases make an impression very very poor to say the least. In C Company we pride ourselves in an impression that is as accurate as we can possibly make it and we hope that as a new memeber you will understand this.


As a group we are able to loan new members various peices of kit for shows and we would prefer to loan kit rather than see you turn up to an event wearing something that is either incorrect or not up to our standards. The wearing of incorrect or poor quality reproduction kit is something we do not tolerate as it reduces the quality of our overall group. We are dedicated to keeping the memory of the 29th division alive and therefore every memeber of our group is responsible for reprisenting the 29th division to the best of their abilities.


So where should you start as a new member of C Company?


The basic uniform list.

This uniform is the bare minimum you will need and is quite easy to obtain. As a group we can lend the odd item if needs be.


Garrison cap with 116th DI.

Green Vest.

Enlisted mans wool shirt.

M1937 wool trousers.


Service boots/rough out boots.

M41 Jacket with 29th patch.

Enlisted trouser belt OD3.


Above: C Company at the Coleville Cemetary on June 6th 2019. 


We are wearing everything on the basic list in this image. with the addition of M6 gas mask bags and GP bags in some cases.


Wool shirts, Trousers, boots and M41 Jackets are usually ok to buy reproduction from decent suppliers. 


M41 Jacket reproductions are good in most cases but we do recomend you try anything on first before buying it as some sizing issues have been found in all the reproduction gear we come across.


When it comes to wool trousers there are 3 different patterns to look out for, the ones you want are the M1937 pattern wool trousers as the other 2 patterns were only available very late 1944 and 1945. Reproductions can often have a modern leg cut but are usually ok. Originals are still around and can sometimes be cheaper than reproductions.


Original wool shirts up to a 40 chest are quite common and decently priced however for 40 + chest a reproduction shirt may be the way to go as larger sizes are rare and usually expensive.

M1937 Wool Trousers

The rear pockets of the M1937 trousers do not have flaps. This is the best way to tell if they are the correct pattern. They are of a mustard brown colour.


Enlisted Wool Shirt

Original wool enlisted shirts are quite common. There are no epilets on the shoulders of an enlisted shirt.



Original vests are quite rare however a simple light OD vest from any store (as long as it has the thin arms) is better than the "White T-shirt" or "Green T-shirt". The neck line of modern T shirts are noticeably wrong and are not advised.



Roughout or Service boots are acceptable as both were worn by the 29th. Repro boots are available from many suppliers and with a decent polish can look very good.

When it comes to roughout boots you MUST dubbin them heavily in order to make them look authentic.



Reproduction leggings are a complete waste of money and are often of very poor quality. Original leggings are easy to find and are not expensive. 


Garrison Cap

Original caps are common but youll have to hunt for one that fits. Reproduction caps are hit and miss from various vendors. We recoment finding the early shape version of the garrison cap rather that the later square cut cap. (pictured is the early cap)


M41 Jacket

M41 Jackets were made in a variety of different shades. Most reproductions are ok however we recomend you always try one on before purchasing as in the past some batches of stock have had very long sleeves and other sizing issues.



Enlisted men’s Trouser belt. These belts were made of Khaki canvas with an open-faced buckle. All branches EM wore these belts often in varying colours for example the US Navy.



Original socks are great but otherwise any OD Green socks are fine as they will most likely never be seen.


Hair cuts and facial hair.


Short back and sides and the tops yours (within reason) is the rule we go on in C Company.

No side burns.

If you have your hair long on top you must be able to still wear your garrison cap smartly.

LEFT - Typical US army haircut.

NO BEARDS. Beards are not authentic and therefore we do not allow them in our group. 3 days unshaven is acceptable at events where the impression is in the field.

Mustaches are allowed as long as they fit the style of the 40s which was usually the pencil small trimmed mustache.



If you cannot commit to these rules then C Company is not the group for you. We pride ourselves in potraying the 29th Division as accurately as possible and we feel it is a sign of respect to look the part.

We want members who respect the history and take pride in themselves and their impression.




Modern glasses can ruin a perfectly authentic impression like in the photograph on the right. 

If you wear glasses we require that you please get some authentic frames which are not expensive or use contact lenses.


The Optometrist Attic in the US sells authentic glasses used by GI's in WW2.




You might even be able to get glasses that look similar at your local opticians which is always acceptable over modern style plastic frames.


As a new member of C Company who wears glasses this should be considered part of your basic uniform.

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