29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company
29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company

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Event Highlights 2019

Victory Show 2019

We potrayed the 29th Division in the battle of Hill 108. "Purple Heart Hill"  Our display was dug in and included a mortar pit with fire demonstration and our fully functioning command post and radios.

Saunton Sands 2019

This year we took part in the Saunton sands reenactment of Omaha Beach. We had 2 boat teams and fought our way up the bluffs and destroyed a bunker using one of our pole charges.

Capel 2019

We potrayed the 29th as they pushed for St. Lo, Capel featured a large battle where we were attacked by German armoured cars and half tracks.

Bovington Tank Fest 2019

At Bovington this year we set up our camp to potray the 29th Division training in England in May 1944. We conducted lessons on squad formations, tactics, hand signals, radio communications, mine detecting and the squad mortar.

The skills we practiced at this show came in handy and were used at all the shows we took part in this year.

Tavistock 43 Yanks Invade

In case you missed Tavistock 43 and want to get a flavour of what went on then check out our feature on the BEEB!

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