29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company
29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company

Company Headquaters

Company Headquarters - Company headquarters includes the personnel necessary to assist the company commander in performing his tactical, administrative, and supply duties.

It is divided into the Command Group and the Administration Group.


Command group.--Company commander, second-in-command, first sergeant, communication sergeant, bugler, orderly, messengers.


Administration group.--Supply sergeant and armorer-artificer; mess sergeant, cooks, and cooks' helpers; company clerk.


- Our Company Command Post (Pictured) is completely authentic as well as being fully functional. Our BC1000 and Handy Talkie radio systems are used during displays and battle reenactments. 

Command Group

1st Lt. Neil Young

Company Commander

1st Sgt-Darren Clarke

Company 1st Sgt

T3-Nick Wilson

Communication Sgt

Administration Group

Simon Faiers

Company Clerk


Mess Sgt

T5-Kev Boyland


1st Platoon

Rifle platoon.--The rifle platoon consists of a platoon headquarters (command group) and three rifle squads.


The platoon leader is responsible for the training, discipline, control, and tactical employment of the platoon.


The platoon sergeant is second-in-command. He assists the platoon leader in controlling the direction and rate of movement in the advance. During all operations he takes post as directed by the platoon leader.


The platoon guide (a sergeant) prevents straggling and enforces orders concerning cover, concealment, and discipline. His position is usually in rear of the platoon.

Platoon Headquarters

2nd Lt. Leon Tadman

Platoon Leader


Platoon Sgt


Platoon Guide

1st Platoon Rifle Squads


The rifle squad consists of:


Sergeant (squad leader), a corporal (assistant squad leader and antitank rifle grenadier).


an automatic rifle team (automatic rifleman, assistant automatic rifleman, and ammunition bearer).


seven riflemen, two of whom are designated as scouts.

1st Squad

2nd Squad

3rd Squad

Weapons Platoon

The weapons platoon consists of a platoon headquarters, one light machine-gun section, and one 60-mm mortar section. 


The light machine-gun section consists of a section headquarters and two light machine-gun squads.


The 60-mm mortar section consists of a section headquarters and three mortar squads.


Each squad consists of a squad leader, gunner, assistant gunner, and ammunition bearers.

In addition to individual weapons, each light machine-gun squad is equipped with one light machine gun and each mortar squad is equipped with one 60-mm mortar.

Weapon Platoon Squad Leaders

Simon Royston

60mm Mortar Squad Leader


LMG Squad Leader


LMG Squad Leader

Rifle Company structure diagram.


187 Enlisted Men.

6 Officers.

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