29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company
29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company

2nd Squad


The squad leader is responsible for the discipline, appearance, training, control, and conduct of his squad. He leads it in combat. Under the platoon leader's direction, the squad leader arranges for feeding his men, enforces proper observance of rules of personal hygiene and sanitation, requires that weapons and equipment be kept clean and in serviceable condition, and checks and reports on the ammunition supply within the squad. His squad must be trained to use and care for its weapons, to move and fight efficiently as individuals, and function effectively as a part of the military team.


The assistant squad leader performs duties assigned by the squad leader and takes command of the squad in his absence. He carries the antitank rifle and, during a tank attack, engages with antitank rifle grenades any hostile tanks within range. The squad leader may designate him to command a portion of the squad, to act as observer, or to supervise replenishment of ammunition.

Wyatt Ko

Squad Leader


Cezary Wojcik

Assistant Squad Leader



- 2nd Squad members Cezary and Sam in France 2019




2nd Squad working as a boat team at Saunton sands 2019 - carrying pole charges and bangalore torpedos off a brilliant mock LCVP.


also leaving the LCVP is a LMG squad from the weapons platoon who were attached to the boat teams on D-Day.

Left: 2nd Squad assending the bluffs at Saunton Sands 2019. Their objective was to eliminate a concrete bunker using a pole charge and round up any German resistance. 


Attached to 2nd Squad is a 30-Cal machine gun from the weapons platoon seen setting up at the top of the bluff. 


2nd Squads leader Wyatt Ko along with the Platoon Leader assault the bunker under covering fire in order to place the pole charge.

Let's Go!

2nd Squad move up the bluff and off the beach, they move in single file to limit the possibility of stepping on land mines that the Germans had planted on Omaha.


Get There!


The Platoon leader along with the 2nd Squad leader approach the bunker using the 222 Armoured car as cover and a purple smoke. (purple was used to indicate an explosive was about to be detonated)


Placing the pole charge

The Platoon Leader under the cover of 2nd squad places the pole charge on the Bunker. C Company boat teams all landed with pole charges for this very reason.




The Pole charge explosion causes the Germans to surrender from inside the bunker.


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