29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company
29th Infantry Division 116th Regiment, C-Company

60mm Mortar Squad

Squad leaders.--Squad leaders are charged with the movement of their squads to designated locations; the selection, preparation, and occupation of firing positions; entrenchment; camouflage; observation and adjustment of fire; fire discipline: and the employment of ammunition bearers to replenish the ammunition supply.

In the weapons platoon and its elements the usual means of signal communication are messengers and arm-and-hand signals. Field telephones and radios can be used when available. 


The firing positions of the mortars must be within effective range of the targets and within voice or arm-and-hand signaling distance of a point affording observation of the targets and friendly front-line troops. In the selection of firing positions the section leader also considers the location of friendly troops, and the requirements of cover, separation of weapons, ease of control, and facility of ammunition supply as mentioned above for the light machine guns.


Whenever practicable, mortars fire from fully defiladed positions just in rear of the friendly front line. Because of the necessity of keeping the mortars well forward, firing positions are frequently located in shell holes, ditches, or folds in the ground.

- The 6 Mortar rounds ready to fire when the call comes in.

Our 60mm Mortar has been modified to fire blanks loaded into one of our 6 custom made mortar rounds. 

Once the blank has been fired the spent round is removed via a hatch at the bottom of the mortar allowing us the ability to fire our mortar as fast as we can empty the tube which is pretty close to the actual speed of a rapidly fired fire mission.


The Mortar requires a 3 man team. Every rifleman in C - Company is trained on the 60mm Mortar incase they are ever needed to fill a place during a battle or display. 

- Weapons Platoon 60mm Mortar firing at the Victory Show 2019 from a fixed position.
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